Proud to share the incredible fine art l

Proud to share the incredible fine art landscape/nature photography of a very talented photographer – my daughter, Morgan

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Men Versus Women In Golf

There aren’t many opportunities for women to compete head-to-head with men in sports. The physical differences are just too great. However, one such opportunity does exist in golf and it’s on the putting green. The 2012 U.S. Putting Tour Championship’s Pro Division is open to all golfers, men and women, ages 13 and older. On the Amateur side, there are separate divisions for men, women, seniors (men and women together) and juniors (boys and girls together).

Why not pit women versus men to see who comes out as America’s Best Putter? What are your thoughts? Separate divisions or mano-a-mano?

Golfers in the 2011 USPT Championship

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Qualify for the 2012 USPT Championship on June 3

We’re holding an official USPT qualifying event from 8:00 a.m. until noon on Sunday, June 3rd at the Carlsbad Golf Center in Carlsbad, California.

The event is open to everyone (Juniors must be 8 years old). The entry fee is just $10. You’ll play 18 holes on the 6-hole putting course we create. This should take about 35-40 minutes. You can enter more than once if you’re not happy with your score the first time.

We’ll qualify one person into the Amateur Division of the 2012 USPT Championship for every 12 entrants we get. Qualifying golfers also get the option of entering the Pro Division of the putting championship and saving $100 on the $250 entry fee. If there are ties for the final qualifying spot, they will be broken by a card off. That way, someone who plays early in the day doesn’t have to wait around to see if they’re in a playoff.

If you want to enter, just show up at the Carlsbad Golf Center between 8:00 and noon with your cash.

Learn more about our national putting tournament at the USPT website.

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Latest News on 2012 Putting Championship

Things are happening fast at the U.S. Putting Tour as we approach summer. Here are a few highlights.

We’ve expanded the age range for the Junior Golf Division in the 2012 USPT Championship and we’ve created three brackets within the division: 8-10 year olds, 11-13 year olds, and 14-18 year olds. The Junior Division will compete on September 26 and 27, which is a Wednesday and Thursday. We know this makes it tough for kids from outside of San Diego, but we hope some can manage a couple of days off school to compete in the only national putting championship in the U.S. The two possible start times both days will be 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. for the 36-hole putting rounds, which take about 75 minutes to play.

Another piece of news is that a new Canadian Putting Championship is starting this year and the winner will qualify for a spot in our putting tournament. The Canadian Putting Championship takes place in Vancouver at the Golden Eagle Golf Club, August 15-18.

Finally, we’re in the process of working out available tee times at Morgan Run for the on-course tournaments we plan to hold for USPT participants. For golfers coming from outside of San Diego, this means that there is an opportunity to compete in both the putting championship and golf tournaments, while visiting the county.

Fourteen year old Alec Madison competing in the 2011 USPT Championship.

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The Search For America’s Best Putter Is On!

No, we’re not looking for the best piece of putting equipment. We want to identify the golfer, actually the golfers, who are the best putters in the land. The title of “America’s Best Putter” will go to the winners of the Pro Division and the four Amateur Divisions of the 2012 USPT Championship.

What’s it going to take? The golfers who win in each division of the putting championship will have to make a lot of one-putts on the holes that are in the six- to 20-foot range. They’re also going to have to avoid the holes that are three-puttable, which include those that are over 40 feet and the tricky uphill, downhill, and sidehill putts.

The 18-hole championship putting course that we’ll construct on Morgan Run‘s two large practice putting greens will be a true putting test for all golfers. Both greens have large undulations and subtle breaks. Plus, every day during Championship Week, we will set new holes and tees, so the putting course will be completely different from one round to the next.

If you’re feeling a little intimidated, don’t worry; we’re here to help. We have a full section of the USPT website dedicated to providing putting tipsthat can help you prepare for the 2012 Championship. So read up then sign up at our website. Then hit the practice green to hone your putting stroke in time for the USPT Championship. Best of luck!

Putt like a pro.

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2012 Dates and Site for Putting Championship

We’re very excited to announce the details of our 2nd annual USPT Championship. The 2012 edition of our putting championship will take place at the beautiful Morgan Run Club & Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, California in coastal north county San Diego.

The dates are September 26 – October 2. The Amateur Division will have four separate brackets. Women and Seniors (55+) will play 36-hole putting rounds on Sept. 26-27. Men and Juniors (10-17) will play their 36-hole putting rounds on Sept. 28-29. These 72-hole total scores will determine the order of finish in each bracket. Prizes and awards will be given out in each bracket, along with the title of “America’s Best Putter.”

The Pro Division takes over for the final three days, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. Participants will play 36-hole putting rounds on the first two days; then we’ll cut to the low 32. These 32 golfers will advance to 18-hole single-elimination match play on the final day. Based on a full field, competitors will battle for a share of a $50,000 purse, including $20,000 for the winner.

The entry fee is just $100 for the Amateur Division and $250 for the Pro Division. Anyone can enter the Pro Division, even if you aren’t a PGA professional or if you don’t currently compete in professional golf tournaments.

You can enter the 2012 USPT Championship now to ensure yourself a spot in the putting tournament. Entries and payment can be completed online or you can download an entry form and mail it in along with your check.

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2011 USPT Championship Results

Look for results on the top 10 pros and top 20 amateurs at this evening.

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